Justin Bieber

Has Justin Bieber changed?  I have never been a big Justin Bieber fan, but his new album might convert me.  As much as I want to not like his music, I can’t help but love most of the songs off his new album.  “Sorry”, “Love Yourself”, and “What do You Mean” are just some of my favorites.

So, his music is great but has Justin Bieber changed in his personal life?  If he wants to be taken seriously as a musician and not a bratty kid, I don’t want to hear about him doing stupid things in the press, like getting arrested, starting fights in bars or altercations of any nature.  I just want to enjoy his music, which I really have been with this new album.  Maybe, I’ll even go to see his new tour.  What do you think?  Has Justin Bieber really changed?

Justin Bieber

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Madonna-Free-Hd-Wallpaper-2013-TourMadonna is back on tour.  It’s been a long time since I have thought about Madonna, but she is back and back on my radar.  Her tour is called the Rebel Heart Tour.  The tour started on the east coast on September 9 and runs through January 28, 2016 in North America.  Then she hits Europe and then goes on to Australia and Asia.

She will be in San Jose, California on Monday October 19.  Should I go?  She is an impressive person, with amazing talent and an amazing show.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  It’s very tempting.  Will you be tempted when she comes near your town?  Check The Ticket Hog for all shows on Madonna’s tour.

Funny Girl Kathy Griffin

Funny girl Kathy Griffin is on tour now.  I know she can be a little edgy sometimes but that is her charm.  Now let’s talk about her look.  Kathy is a beautiful, in shape woman who dresses impressively.  She is always dressing to play up her amazing body.  She really showcases her amazing shape with body skimming dresses that  show off her toned arms.

So, when dressing, ask yourself what your best feature is.  Is it your arms, legs, waist, neck?  Whatever it is, and we all have good features, play them up.



Funny Girl Kathy Griffin Funny Girl Kathy Griffin

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Around a year ago I was introduced to Stella & Dot.  They are an amazing jewelry and accessories company that is available exclusively through in home trunk shows and on line.  Their products have become so popular that they are featured in Lucky Magazine, In Style Magazine, The Today Show and The New York Times.  What really sets them apart from other jewelry companies is the amount of famous actors, movie stars and singers that wear their jewelry.

   Stella & Dot Stella & DotStella & Dot


Stella & Dot Stella & Dot

I recently bought the rebel pendant in gold that Julianna Hough is wearing and the On the Mark neckalce in gold that Anna Hendrick is wearing.  You have got to check out their site.  Stella and Dot jewelry is trendy classy and reasonably priced.  There is no reason you should not be wearing a piece of their jewelry soon.

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Taylor Swift Out For Lunch With Friends In NYC

I love this look of dressing up shorts.  Taylor Swift is a big fan too.  Look at all theses dressed up shorts looks.

Taylor Swift seen wearing pink top and colorful headband while entering her gym in the East Village neighborhood of NYC Celebrity Sightings In New York - April 12, 2014 edfede3a0523b4dd10196dc8ef5c6b82

The key to accomplishing this look seems to be the shoes and the bag.  You have to have a fancier shoe and bag to get the look right.  Taylor gravitates toward an oxford style shoe and structured handbag in all these looks.  Taylor’s looks also look amazing because of her killer legs.  That’s why her shorts are so short where my shorts might be a bit longer.  I think this look would also look good with a long walking short.  Here is how I would put this look together.

cn9156504 cn7930788 _7691785

 _6880993 00096709-01-1


I love the classic look of the chambray shirt with black, whether it is black jeans, black skirt or in this case black shorts.  As you can see, I couldn’t choose one pair of shoes.  There are just too many choices of cute black wedges that I would wear with this look.  Also, if you are ever wearing something a little trendy or just out of your comfort zone, it’s a good idea to have a little bit of a classic look mixed in to make you feel more comfortable.  So, if dressing up shorts is a little out of your comfort zone then wear the look with a classic color combination like chambray and black or don’t go for wedges but a flat shoe or loafer to make the look more comfortable for you.

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So, did you all see Katy Perry’s Superbowl halftime show yesterday.  I thought she did a great job.  The whole show was highly entertaining and fun to watch.  Katy Perry, in general, is highly entertaining and fun to watch on stage and off.  A few months ago I did another post on her, here.  Here is another of my favorite looks of hers off the stage.

Katy Perry's superbowl halftime show

I think this look is so appropriate for her in every way.  The camouflage leggings are fun and the baggy sweater really compliments the tighter pants.  Here is where you can buy a similar look.

Katy Perry's superbowl halftime show Katy Perry's superbowl halftime show Katy Perry's superbowl Halftime showKaty Perry's superbowl halftime show Katy Perry's superbowl halftime show

To personalize this look more for me, I would change out the purple suede pumps for some black ballet flats and probably lose the hat.  I love these things on Katy Perry but I am certainly not Katy Perry.

Katy Perry is on tour now in Europe but will be coming back to the states soon.  Keep checking at The Ticket Hog for when she’s coming.


Elvis+Costello+Diana+Krall+Diana+Krall+Elvis+h7kpOnBL44ol Elvis+Costello+Diana+Krall+Diana+Krall+Elvis+qdwXwTBEReyl

Diana Krall is an amazing jazz pianist.  She is also, in my opinion, a pretty good dresser as well.  Here she is in an airport with husband of 14 years, Elvis Costello.  I love that she is still rockin the leather pants and funky, chunky heels but it is brought together in a classy way with the black blazer and scarf.  She also adds a little more spunk with her skull tote.  Here is where you can buy a similar look.

Diana Krall Diana Krall Diana Krall Diana Krall Diana Krall


In reality I would have to make a few small changes to this look to make it work in my life.  I wouldn’t change the leather pants but I would tone down the shoes. I think a cute black ballet flat would work nicely.  Also, I would look like ridiculous with the skull tote.  It’s just not me.  I would change it for a bold color tote. Would you change anything in this look?  Where would you wear this look?

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I really like this look from Sarah McLachlan.  It is so chic and sleek but also gives her the edge she needs for walking the red carpet at an awards show.

Sarah’s formal classic look isn’t too formal but nice enough where we could copy it to go to work or a night out on the town.  The black and white combination is such a classic look that will never go out of style.  Here is where to find a similar look.

vest or vest





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Carrie Underwood

When I saw this look on Carrie Underwood I knew I had to write about it. I love the bottom part of this dress.  I have been seeing these tulle skirts around for a while and I’ve definitely wanted one.  But where on earth would I wear it?  NO where, that’s where.  But I think it is such a fun look.  And of course, it looks great on Carrie.  The color really plays up her tan skin and the length of the skirt really shows off her amazing legs.

The best looks I have seen with these types of skirts have been from Corilynn & Co.  If you have never heard of them, you have to check them out.  She designs fun clothes with clean lines, fun patterns and lots of stripes.  My favorite!  Aren’t these looks super cute and fun?

Carrie Underwood Carrie Underwood

I just love how she has paired these fun, full tulle skirts with casual shirts.  It really takes the fanciness down a notch.  I can see this look at a baby shower, anniversary party or maybe a wedding.  Where do you think someone could where this look?

Carrie Underwood is about to have a baby, but will be back out with some concerts in the summer.  Check out her schedule at The Ticket Hog.

Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor showed up at the American Music Awards back in November looking amazing in this Ted Baker dress, which is sold at Nordstrom.  I think the dress is a perfect match for her, in fit and style.  It is flattering because it comes in at the waist, which highlights a small waist and it is nice enough for an awards show.  Now, most of us don’t have an occasion to wear such a nice dress, so I wanted to show you another look of Meghan’s that I thought was cute.


I realize it’s not the best picture, because she is sitting, but you can get the idea.

_9167605 hmprod-3


This is such a young and fun look for the singer.  And I’ve noticed that these skater skirts are all the rage this fall and winter.  Meghan does a great job, once again, of highlighting her waist.  Anyone can benefit from that.  And this skirt is on sale now at Nordstrom for just $19.90.  ( I just bought it myself.  Who could pass up that sale).

I think I will pair my skirt with a baggy sweater for a more casual look, like this one from H and M, hmprod-4 , some black tights and low black booties.


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